Elli is a hot young girl that I found Jacklyn's myspace. Apparently when I contacted her she already knew about me from Jacklyn and agreed to come over to make a hot scene. This girl loves to fuck and she can't get enough. I had to put the camera on the tripod so I could keep up. Nothing like finding a slutty girl on another slutty girls top friends list. Heres to Tom thank you man.


I met Chassite from a friend at the club and she told me she moved here to be a dancer. I showed her a video clip of one of my scenes that I had stored on my cell phone. She was shell shocked that I did porn at first, but after a little convincing she was at my house ready to go. Showing girls porn gets them horny, she wasn't down at first, but after seeing some clips of me ramming my cock in other girls she agreed to shoot. This girl wasn't easy but once the camera came on her personality came out and so this the true slut in her.


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