Summer is a southern blond hottie with green eyes and a great ass. She also reponded to my blog on myspace looking for models. Getting this girl to do porn was easy. I knew after she showed me the tat an peircing on her pussy she was a true slut. She had pretty green eyes that almost glow in the light that made her look innocent but this girl was down for whatever. I got her to do anal and she let me shower. She showed up to take some hot pics and got her face covered in cum! What a slut!


Melanie is another girl I met that responded to a blog post I had on MySpace seeking models. She as perfect little 18 year old firm tits and a southern accent that will get your dick hard just hearing her talk. She told me that she was comfortable with nudity so I told her to come in for a test shoot. I figured out pretty quick that she was a promiscous girl that loves sex so without hesitation I showed her some of my hardcore scenes. I was pleasantly suprised to find out that she had been wanting to try porn so this ended up working out for the best. She will never be the same since she discovered porn. I love slutty girls!!!


Maria was a girl I met once again while chatting it up on MySpace and this time I had my work cut out for me. This girl wasn't really a slut, until she met me. We met up the first time and it took me all night just to get in her pants. We finally fucked after hours of making out but I didn't get to tape it. It was only after we talked another week before I told her I wanted to make a video of her and she agreed. I was suprised she was down she had never even given a blow job before. I made sure she was trained to be a pure slut before I was done with her. But then again I want to fuck her again maybe I will get to shoot her again one day.


Kacey was the next little slut I convinced to meet up with me. She actually told me she like to make videos and she even sent me some little webcam clips of her masterbating while we were chatting on myspace. I knew this girl was going to be down to fuck by looking at her profile. She liked the fact that I play music so I had to use my secret weapon (my guitar) She is a slut and she loves guys that play the guitar so this was a piece of cake! My kind of girl! Slutty!


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